1916 Documentaries
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1916 Documentaries

For the ‘GPO Witness History’ exhibition, Thought Different worked with Laura Murtagh to produce a series of 5-6 minute documentaries about the Easter Rising. These six documentaries involved interviews with prominent historians and commentator and were filmed over the course of two weeks.


It has easily become the most challenging video edit that we have ever taken on. Hours and hours of footage and only five minutes to encapsulate the prelude to, the Rising itself and the aftermath; all in an easy to digest and neutral way. The result has been warmly received by visitors to the exhibition, from foreign visitors who know little about the event, to people with a good knowledge of the intricacies of the Rising.

...a series of very good short 'talking head' videos ... that help you understand the historical context

The various video perspectives given by eminent historians and academics gave a very balanced view of what the troubles were all about.



March 28, 2017