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Glasnevin Timeline

A ten metre long interactive timeline was designed for Glasnevin Cemetery museum in 2009. The interactive screens allow you to browse through a selection of 200 people. Selecting their names shows connections to other people across the timeline.


Multiple layering gives you a snippet about each person before you delve deeper into a short bio and a selection of images. The final layer allows you to read a full biography of the person of interest.

...fascinating timeline interactive exhibit...

...we could have spent ages on the timelines of the different stories...

...we visited the museum and found it very informative especially the timeline exhibit...


Churchill – Power of Words

The Morgan Library in New York houses a special temporary exhibition about the speeches of Winston Churchill during World War II. Thought Different designed a special interactive that allowed you to examine all the documents in the exhibition in more detail, adding further context to the document, photos and manuscripts on display.


One unique feature implemented was a live transcription of all the hand written documents. By simply dragging your finger over the document, a typed transcript appeared, perfectly matching the location and size of the original words.

...elaborate touch screens show every document in the exhibition, along with other documents and transcriptions of handwriting...

New York Times

Guinness Storehouse Exit Experience

The Guinness Storehouse wanted an immersive experience to liven up the exit of their exhibition. Thought Different designed a truly immersive and interactive space with the help of 72 screens mounted in Toblerone shapes.


As you walked by the screens they would explode in a Guinness surge and light up the space. Every few minutes the entire space would be taken over and the entire room would be filled with pouring and settling pints of Guinness.

Yeats at the National Library

In 2005 the National Library opened its internationally award winning exhibition – The Life and Works of WB Yeats. Hundreds of documents throughout the exhibition were interpreted on interactive touchscreens that accompanied each display case. These interactives allowed you to delve deeper into the objects on display and see further documents in context. This model of presentation allowed the library to display thousands of documents that simply could not be displayed in the physical space.


Immersive Poetry – Verse and Vision

In the opening area you can sit down and relax and immerse yourself in readings of some of Yeats’ poems. Specially commissioned photography accompanies the printed word to further stimulate the imagination.


Online Existence

In 2007 the National Library wanted to create an online version of the exhibition. Thought Different designed a virtual walkthrough experience and was able to include all information used in the interactives throughout the exhibition and make them available online. To create the online version we worked with Neo Archaic to create an interactive Flash version online.

The Yeats exhibit was fantastic, with excellent use of multimedia to bring what could have been a dry subject to life.

The Yeats exhibit is fabulous. Lots of information, very interactive & completely interesting!!