Our Services
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Our Services

What we're good at

With over 20 years experience in interactive and interface design, Thought Different specialises in designing meaningful and engaging interactive experiences that serve one purpose; to deliver content in context.


Using the latest technologies we help design, program, edit and deliver unique immersive and interactive spaces. In a digital world where everyone now has a supercomputer in their pockets – scale and physical immersion always deliver that ‘wow’ experience.

Production & Editing

Telling a story is central to all our work. We also love to get our hands dirty with the more traditional storytelling technique of video production. From simple but powerful documentaries to visualising the spoken word in unique ways, we look at every frame with equal care and precision.

Content Research & Narrative Design

It always starts with a story. Your story. A products story. A narrative. We work hard to ensure that we have a detailed understanding of the subject before we start to scope and brainstorm how to tell the story appropriately.

Wireframing & Rapid Prototypes

Now we know the story we begin to storyboard the content and wireframing the software. At an early stage Thought Different, uniquely, enters a rapid prototype phase to immediately get a sense of how the story feels. This quickly can be tweaked in realtime to evaluate minor adjustments in the wireframe.

Software Development & Hardware Integration

Software development works in tandem with the content production. This allows both disciplines to adapt and take advantage of each others strong points. As the development cycle reaches the beta stage we deploy the solution to the dedicated hardware that we intend to use in the final product.

User Testing & Debugging

Throughout the process of development we use our existing knowledge as a basis for user testing. We are known for developing easy to use software solutions and take pride when we reach the user testing phase that there are little or no surprises. From a software angle, as we have been developing in a live environment on dedicated hardware, we know that on completion our software is bug free. Edge testing and software failures are tested throughout the process.

On Going Support

We are only as good as our last job; we want our work looking at its best. We offer full support to all our projects on an on-going basis and if anything is amiss, we are one phone call away from fixing it remotely. If that doesn't work, we will be there physically.

Social Media Wall in the Tourist Office


App Development

When it comes to mobile App development we always ask three questions.

  • Does it already exist?
  • Should it be a responsive website?
  • Are we sure the first two questions don’t apply?

If our initial questions don’t apply then we start to examine similar apps, business models and we can use our contacts to help validate the initial concept. If we still think the App truly is worth developing we immediately make software prototypes for client feedback and user feedback. From there, all going well, we will develop the final App.

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