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The Cool Planet Experience opens its doors

We are delighted that the Cool Planet Experience has just opened its doors to the public. Thought Different’s largest and most complex project to date. We would like to thank everyone on our design team for their hard work and dedication. Happily, our work has already been acknowledged by a nomination for Best Creative at the Digital Media Awards 2018 and winning the award for Best in Technology Innovation; achieving our mission statement — to create unique, meaningful, immersive and interactive experiences.

Wishing the client team at The Cool Planet Experience the best of luck today. It’s an inspiring project that can truly change the world.

The True cost of a CMS

Image courtesy of Library of Congress – Amelia Rosser as Ireland (April 1920)

We often are asked to ensure that our software is “easily updatable”. A decent client facing CMS seems too often to be a pre-requisite to an interactive’s design. Now, we use CMS for handling the content a lot, but that decision, always comes at the end of the initial design process. It should never be determined at the beginning.


What a difference a day makes…

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of the release of iPhone. The one that transformed the mobile industry overnight. In preparing to write something about it I thought I would dial back the clock and read through ArsTechnica’s excellent (20,000 word) review. The internet in your pocket, an onscreen keyboard, YouTube on demand, no Flash were just some of the highlights. But two things struck me most about it — multitouch and text messages.


Reinventing the Wheel…

I’ve been annoyed by an ad by VW at the moment that seems to be playing a lot online. In the advertisement for the new Golf they feature their new “Gesture Control”. In the ad, and I’ve seen a couple of versions since trying to find the original, the driver can change to the next track of music by swiping his hand right in front of the touchscreen interface.


Are touchscreens for public use dead?

It’s hard to believe that only 10 years ago, most people’s experience of a ‘touch screen’ was limited to public exhibitions or fancy showrooms. Today, however, we use them countless times a day, sometimes across multiple devices. So the question is, do interactive touchscreens have a place in the 21st Century?


A Not so Smart Home

I noticed a disturbing trend six months ago when I was shopping around for “Smart Home” accessories. On any of the sites that sorted the products by Rating or Popularity there was a always a clear winner (note website above). A physical light switch.