About Us
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About Us

We know digital... and when not to use it.
Our goal is to create unique, meaningful, immersive and interactive experiences that are always generated using the story as the starting point. We don't design technology and fit content into it.

Heads in the Cloud


Great Ideas


Hours Cut


Awards Won

Rob Reid

Rob was the Director of New Media in Martello Media for over twenty years. During this time he worked on Martello’s award winning exhibition projects worldwide providing the interactive elements for all their work. He also worked closely with the team there to create amazing immersive experiences.

After Martello Rob founded Thought Different. Working closely with former colleagues and contractors, Rob now heads up all of Thought Different’s projects.

Content & Film Production

Laura Murtagh

Without good content our work is worthless. We work closely with Laura on projects to help identify the key themes, goals and ensure every word is correct. Laura also co-ordinates all our video production shoots and can direct too!

Web Design/Programming

Karina Steffens

Karina and Neo-Archaic work with us on developing responsive websites for our clients. We also work collaboratively on some of our offline interactive projects.

Backend Coder

Ross Killen

Which language doesn't Ross know? We haven't found one yet. Ross tackles our trickiest back end code to scrape, organise, verify and validate all the live data that we create and ingest. He knows Kung Fu.


Ellen Reynolds

With both sides of the brain working at full tilt, Ellen is an accomplished illustrator and calligrapher. She also knows how to program her creations into interactive digital masterpieces.

Interface Design & Programming

Rowan Clancy*

Working closely with Rob on UX design, Rowan makes sure every button is intuitively placed and follows up with making sure it can take you to the right place too.
*Not his actual hand.